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Mosquito bite like bumps around vagina

Posted by lostandconfused

Yesterday I noticed that I had several small hive like bumps around my vagina. They are not inside just where my thigh turns into my vagina and right medial to this. I do shave but I have for a long time and I have never had anything like this. They are very itchy just like a mosquito bite. If it was not in this region I would be sure that is what it is. I have not had sex in 3mo since my boyfriend and I broke up. He is the only person I have slept with in 2 years. I had a gyno apt this summer while we were still together and everything was clean and normal, so I am pretty sure there is no way it could be an STD. I just do not know what caused this and what I can do to stop the itching. Any thoughts?
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