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More trouble with a proper diagnosis....

Posted Jan 13 2010 6:43pm
I was sent to get an arthrogram MRI to rule out a Hip Labral Tear. My Pelvic floor dysfunction will not let up on the left side of my body due to whatever is causing this hip pain. I was told i more than likely had a labral tear in my hip which recent research shows that pelvic pain and Vulvar pain go hand in hand with Labral tears. So anyway My MRI came back as abnormal, but they cannot confirm that it is exactly a tear. I am completely unhappy with the Sports Medicine doctor i am seeing. He pretty much was trying to talk me out of trying to figure  out this problem because he can't be sure what to do next... He seemed so hopeless when telling me the news telling me that if i wanted they can do exploratory surgery if i wanted.... lol this guy is crazy. Not that i wouldn't let them do the exploring if that were absolutely the solution but for some reason my gut is telling me to find a more experienced doctor. So i will be out In NYC next week on my hunt for a Orthopedic doctor with the experience and knowledge i am looking for. 
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