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Missed/Irregular periods for 2-3years, Possible Infertility?

Posted by megan_c

I had very regular periods for 5 years (from 11) then in September 07 I missed my period, and didn't get it until February 08. I then missed March, had it April, missed May, had it June, missed July, had it August then missed September through til May 09. Had it May and June, but have missed July & August.

I saw a Doctor in August 08, and she thought I may have PCOS, as I had similar symptoms (excessive hair, overweight, pre-diabetic), but my blood tests came back normal. I saw another Doctor eariler this year but she told me to go away as I wouldn't be able to remember when I missed my periods.

I'm currently waiting on an appt to have an ultrasound to check for cysts on my ovaries to rule out PCOS, but I was wondering what other possibilities it may be, as my Doctor doesn't seem to think it is.

 It's quite nice not having my period, I'm just worried if it will inhibit my ability to have children in the future.

Any help would be appreciated.

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