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Midwifery education

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:13pm
I admit it: I'm scared of midwifery school.

I'm afraid I won't be able to hack it, going to college again. I'm afraid that I will be overwhelmed with balancing studies and working. I'm afraid of failing. I'm afraid that after all of that education, that I'll find that I like being a L&D nurse better than being a CNM.

I had the application all filled out, without the references forms and without the 2 papers that need typed and sent with it. I held on to the application for the longest time now.

I went back to Frontier's website and printed out the newest application and took a look at admission dates. If I try to apply for Bridge entry in August or September, the application deadline is May 25th. YIKES! Talk about scary!

Looking at a December admission into the Bridge, the application is due at the end of July. ::sigh:: That's more time for me to get the paperwork all filled out and the 2 papers typed up.

Why am I postponing what I have planned for, for so long??

I'm afraid. Scared out of my mind.

What if........... what if............. what if............

Tell me, those who are in, or have been through midwifery education, is this normal??

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