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Marcy on Sex and Leaking after Babies; Her Frenemy: The Kegel!; and What Actually Happens during a Pelvic Floor PT Session {VIDE

Posted Feb 13 2013 3:14am

Sex and leaking after childbirth. Her love/hate relationship with Kegels. The down low on how pelvic floor PT works. Urinary leakage. No topic is off limits when Marcy sits down with Steph and Lauren, the hosts of The Lady Brain Show!

“We have loads of questions,” kicks off Steph. “I can’t sneeze without crossing my legs and kind of leaning into it, or it’s all over. Is that incontinence or is it: ‘I’ve had two kids and that’s what happens.’”

“That’s incontinence,” Marcy answers. “That’s actually defined as stress urinary incontinence…or we can say urinary leaking if that’s not as scary as incontinence…but yes, that’s defined as stress incontinence, losing urine with laughs, coughs, sneezing, jumping, running…”

“Is [the fix] as simple as doing Kegels? Or is there more to it?” asks Lauren.

“Oh Kegels!” Marcy replies. “I have mixed feelings about the Kegel. I love and I hate the Kegel…”

Click on the video above to hear Marcy explain why the Kegel is her frenemy as well as the reasons why new moms’ need pelvic floor rehab, what really goes on during a typical pelvic floor PT session, and more!

Video courtesy of The Lady Brain Show .

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