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Male breast reduction – Body Enhancement Procedure

Posted Mar 19 2012 7:44am
Nowadays, about half of all men have excess localized fat or excess glandular tissue in one or both breasts that may be painful and embarrassing for them. The condition is prevalent in teens because of fluctuations in sex hormones during puberty. Without treatment, it may take 2-3 years for the condition to disappear on its own. Most often, the cause of it is not known. The problem in older men may be caused by decreasing levels of testosterone. For others, it may be caused by increased body fat and rise in estrogen levels. Other factors may include medications such as anti-androgens, AIDS, or antibiotics.
Enlarged breasts can also be caused by diseases such as tumors, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, liver failure, cirrhosis and malnutrition. It may sometimes be confused by pseudogynecomastia that may be simply be treated by diet or exercise. Plastic surgery Orange County surgeonsperform various procedures to enhance the appearance of a person. Male breast reduction Orange County procedures are suitable only for those men who:
  •  Are physically healthy and of normal weight.
  •  Have realistic expectations about the surgery.
  •  Have stabilized breast development.
During the consultation, the surgeon may:
  •  Evaluate general health and pre-existing conditions.
  •  Perform diagnostic testing to determine the need for the procedure.
  •  Examine the breasts and measure their size and shape, skin quality, placement of nipples and areolas.
The male breast reduction surgery may reduce breast size, flatten, and enhance the chest contours. In severe cases, the areola’s position and size may be surgically improved while reducing excess skin. To relieve pain during surgery, medication may be administered by intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The choice for medication should be left to the doctor.
If breast enlargement is caused by excess fat tissues, liposuction may be used to treat the procedure. A cannula may be inserted through several small incisions, and then moved in a controlled motion to loosen the excess fat to be removed from the body using vacuum suction. Excision may be performed if glandular breast tissue or excess skin is to be removed for treating the condition. It may also be performed to reduce areola size or to reposition the nipple to a natural male contour. The incision to be made depends on specific conditions and surgical preference.
After surgery, the incisions may be covered by dressings or bandages and elastic bandages or a support garment for minimizing the swelling and supporting the new chest contours. Also, a small, thin tube is temporarily placed under the skin so excess blood or fluid can be drained. Most often, the results are permanent, however, the patient may be asked to maintain a stable weight to maintain those results. The scars may be also be permanent but it’s possible to conceal them in the natural breast contours.
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