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Make It Easy: Air Travel With Toiletries

Posted Jun 19 2013 8:00am


In my former life, I was a management consultant who had to travel every single week for work.  I was working in a male dominated industry where checking a bag was frowned upon – even when we were staying at the client site for upwards of 5 days.  How could they understand?  They need only one pair of shoes and they just would use whatever shampoo the hotel provided.  Sigh.  Boys can be so annoying.

Things got tricky when the TSA passed their liquid restrictions.  That meant that everything I needed from hair gel to shampoo to foundation had to fit into the arbitrary plastic bag of 4 ounce bottles.  Over the months of constant travel, I was able to formulate a toiletry bag that worked for me, the TSA, and my male work colleagues (who were at the very least saved from rolling their eyes).  And in my current life where I often need to travel at a moment’s notice, I use what I learned up in the air for all those years.

5 Tips For Air Travel With Toiletries:

1.  Invest In A Functional Bag
Get a great and compact toiletry bag with a removable clear zip bag for liquids.  That way you can quickly remove the liquid bag before going through security and replace it after.   This bag has served me well for a while now.


2.  Use Multi-purpose Products
There are tons of products that have multiple uses.  Did you know that deodorant powder and dry shampoo have a lot of the same ingredients?  Use face lotion with SPF as a body sunscreen.  I really love argan balm from Josie Maran .  I use it as a lip balm, moisturizer, night cream, and makeup remover.  Plus, it classifies as a solid!

3.  When Possible, Change From Liquid Products To Solid Products
My gel deodorant turned into a stick, my body wash became bar soap, my liquid foundation became powder, and my perfume got a solid makeover for travel.  So much easier to not have to fit extra items in the precious real estate of that small baggie.  Not to mention the potential spill damage is far less.


4.  Invest In Quality Mini Bottles
For a while I kept buying cheap plastic mini bottles for my liquid toiletries that didn’t come in travel size, but inevitably they would leak or break.  I’ve had great luck with these bottles for my shampoo, conditioner, and face wash and they are BPA free!

24036-61147_130422200807 5.  Keep Your Toiletry Bag Packed At All Times
As my husband can attest, it takes me forever to pack to go anywhere.  This is because  I like to plan each day’s clothing.  Not because I’m serious fashionista, but because I have too often shown up to a destination with way too many clothes and no discernible outfits.  Now I look at my schedule of activities and I pack by outfit.  So it takes a bit longer up front, but like laying out your clothes the night before school, it’s so much easier to not have to think about putting things together when you’re short on time or access to your closet!  So it’s wonderful not to have to think about packing toiletries which are always packed and ready to go.  My toiletry list:

  • liquids: hair gel, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, sunscreen, mascara, lip gloss, hair spray, toothpaste, nail polish removing pads, disposable contact lenses
  • non liquids:  deodorant, argan balm (serves as lip balm, night cream, cuticle cream, and makeup remover), bar soap, toothbrush, floss, cotton balls, cotton swabs, mini nail file, tweezers, glasses repair kit, sewing kit, sleep mask, melatonin, ear plugs, disposable razors, lint brush, mini nail clipper, breath strips, band aids, advil, tissues, dry shampoo powder, hairbrush, and pepto

And voila, you are an organized and fabulous jet setter!

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