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Lower mid to right abdominal cramping and Pain at the end of urination?

Posted by Nicci999

Hello. It started as a bit of lower abdominal cramping and I wrote it off as due to me really ahving to go potty. I went to the bathroom and went, however, at the last bit of urination when I "flare" the muscles to completely empty my bladder. There is no pain before that act and the pain buckles me over. After that the abdominal cramps became worse and even made me nauseous. I treated with tylenol and a warm compress on my abdomin. Which helped. After waking the next day the cramps were gone and the pain at the end of urination less severe, however, throughout the course of the dy the pain became worse and urination slightly more frequesnt, plus my lwer abdomin started to cramp. Not as severely as the previous night, but more tender from mid to right side of the abdomin-more tender on the right. I treated the same way and now its morning and the tender mid to right abdomin remains only slightly and the pain at the end of urination is the same. There is no back pain associated with a UTI and although it seems to be a UTI I am confused by the type of pain I have. I in no way have a burning sensation during the course of urination, just the sharp pain towards the end when the muscles widen to empty the last bit of urine out of the bladder. Please help and Thank you.
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