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Long bleeding after stopping birth control pills

Posted by Fang

I took birth control pills the Loestrin Fe 24 for a couple of months, after having an abortion, and I stopped using it because of side effects. Then I started having my period since Feb 16th, and it's been 12 days and it has no sign of stopping. I'm so worried and don't know what's going on. My OB asked me to watch for another week, but I really don't want to bleed for another week. Can anyboday help please?
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It is important to get your hormones back into balance. Feel free to ring one of our doctors at Natural Health International toll free on 888 668 3661 and they can help

Hi dear,

 Im experiencing the same thing, i took mycroginon birth control pills for 1 year, and after stopping i had my normal period but since the 4th day i've been experiencing light brown watery spotting. Although its fading away is already beed 10 days...i'm so worried.

 Did u find out what it was? Or anyone else?



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