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Life Vision Part II: Put It Into Words

Posted Apr 06 2009 7:15pm

Pele retreat 00044

So, now that you have a wonderful three-dimensional image of your older/wiser self, let' s take the next step.  Write your vision down.

Here is an example (my own vision of my older/wiser self):

"I am vibrantly healthy, emanating a peaceful loving energy.  I live with my husband on Lake Michigan, where every morning during every season, we wake up to the shimmering blue of the water.  I am surrounded by loving friends and family, no matter the geographic distance, we find ways to keep in loving touch.  I am pleased and proud of my life' s work.  I share my wisdom with my children and grandchildren.  I eat healthy whole foods.  I have all the resources I need."

Now, here is the tricky part.  As you write your vision down, you may notice a nagging voice in your head working hard to be a big naysayer.  Here are some samples of my self-nag:  "Nobody is happy and vibrant all the time, don' t be so idealistic."  "Make sure you write down something more practical". "What if something happens along the way, like you get sick or someone dies or........."

Well, you get the picture.  The old self-nag works hard to hold us back.  When this happens, recognize her as fear, or an old voice from a parent or (former, I hope) friend.  Gently shoo her aside.  Tell her, "I don' t have time for you right now.  So please go away."  If she is really persistent, slap a book (or something else that won' t hurt you) and as you slap say, "STOP!"  Send the self-nag into retirement, she has earned it, for goodness sake, she has been working hard all these years.

Take your glorious vision of your older/wiser self and put it where you can see it.  If you made an older/wiser doll, you may want to put it next to her.  Be creative,  you can type or write it in different colors, you can put photos on it, decorate it with baubles, the sky is the limit.  Have fun, be vibrant, make a date with your older/wiser self.

My next post will talk about ways to develop achievable goals and stay focused on your vision, daily.  Remember, just say no to that old self-nag.

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