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Life Vision Part I: Our Older/Wiser Selves

Posted Mar 31 2009 11:17pm

My clients often ask me what a life vision is, so I thought I would give it a go and put it in words.  A life vision in a projected image created into an imagined future, which acts as a guide that pulls you forward.  It is a shift from wondering who we will become and what kind of life we hope to lead to a confident knowing that with a little luck and a vision of where we want to end up, we can create the best life possible given who we are, one step at a time.  There are a number of steps to creating a life vision.  In this post, I will talk about a first step and expand this topic in the next few posts. 

In your mind, create an image of your older/wiser self.  Pick a time in the future that seems doable.  For someone in their 30' s, an older/wiser self may cap out at 50 for the time being, while for someone in their late 50' s an older/wiser self may be in the 90' s or beyond.  Get to know her;  what is she wearing, what colors is she imbued with, how is her energy, what people has she surrounded herself with, where does she live, what is her environment,  what memories does she focus on?  Fill out this wonderful extension of your future self, because every choice you make will take you either closer to or further away from her.  Your older/wiser self can be a source of comfort as well, you can ask her for advice or have her comfort you.  She is open to change, so as you change and grow you may find that you make some additions or deletions to your vision of your older/wiser self.  She will always be there in her infinite wisdom, patiently waiting for you.

Older-wiser dolls edited 

These older/wiser selves dolls were made by women in a retreat I facilitated.  Perhaps you, too, will make an older/wiser self doll that represents the core of who you want to become.

Look for part two of How To Create A Life Vision in my next post!

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