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Liar Liar....!

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:20pm
Liar liar...pants on fire....

As children we had already little rhymes that taught us that lies were not a good thing.

Lying, as any learned behavior is a very bad habit as are any negative habits... there are many reasons that people lie.

To lie with deliberation is definitely a control of one being self served.

Lying with out deliberation is where the habit has become a part of that persons way of life, being undeliberate now, which I beleive is even worse, because a person that is a habitual liar cannot not even differentiate reality from non reality. This person is dangerous and can be very confusing to live with.

Drug/alcohol addicts will fall into this lying area more than the controlled one because of the merry-go-round they are on. Lying becomes a way of survival and they will do it with pure passion and need to feed thier hunger.

IS lying a necessary part of life?

Hmmmm... Lets think about where we began:

When we are babies, do we lie?

Do we learn to play the game of control then?

Do babies cry because they know that they will be served through that action, or are they taught that crying will be self-serving?

Children will lie when they are taught that they can get away with something through that type of manipulation, or when they are lied too.

I remember when I was taught to lie...I went to the store for my mother and had change, with that change I bought a candy...when I went home, my mother asked me why I was ten cents short, and she continued..saying that if I tell her the truth I will not be scolded, so I told her the truth and she punished me severely.

Now unfortunately that was when my trust went down the tubes and from that point on, I lied in certain cases to protect myself.

A couple of not so good behaviours were taught to me from that one incident...I learnt to lie when I had to and I also learnt that my mother could not be trusted with her words.

From that day on, I learnt to play the game.

White lies as opposed to black lies: does that mean that white lies are good and black lies are bad?

Is that saying that lying has a positive means?

It can be very confusing, as most humans are.

A lie is a lie I have always tried to teach my children. When you lie to protect yourself it is still in a sense, self-serving which we are taught is wrong?

To lie to deceive another is definitely clearly wrong.

I would say that there are definitely gray areas when it comes to telling lies. But that it is not a necessary to life.

It depends on the person and their conscience. I know some people that could not tell a lie if their lives depended on it and I know people that will lie and will follow that lie with justification that they will bet their lives on.

I beleive it is a true learned behaviour as are so many of our negative emotions.

Also if we lived in a perfect world, would we ever have to feel like we have to lie?

Our world is full of negativity and elements of trickery and sometimes in order to battle these wars we need to use weapons that are not so positive to fight them.

We will never be able to control nor understand others in their methods to their madness. Live and let live is my way of thinking. We are only responsible for what we can control, that being our own minds and intentions!

Life can be confusing enough in our own little corners without trying to solve the worlds confusions.

Pandora Boxes are definitely a good brain twister and does wake up a lot of sleeping giants in Jacks beanstalk ;)

In any case practising and sharing positive habits and honesty will invite positive habits and honesty in return.

As Lyfe Jennings sings,"When you are trying to do positive things, positive results have got to follow"

Thats all I have to say about that!!!

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