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Let's cultivate some wholeheartedness

Posted Mar 26 2010 12:00am


This morning while rummaging through some quotes, I stumbled upon this quote  by Pema Chodron .  It grabbed my attention and I wondered what it was about this quote that spoke to me, at this point in time.

Wholeheartedness brought up an image of a healthy heart bursting with joy, exuberance and authenticity. A heart that leads a person into a life of courage and fantastic connections.  A Google search led me to a wonderful website, the internet home of Brene Brown   researcher, writer, storyteller and seeker, who has studied wholeheartedness for 10 years.  She has made a connection between wholeheartedness and empathy, shame and vulnerability.  I thought about all the clients I met with this past week who struggle with shame issues and how shame dramatically effects their lives.  I thought about my own past and present issues with shame.  Brene is quick to say that shame is universally shared by everyone, it's a common feeling.  She also describes what shame resilience is and how to develop it.  Her work is great and very accessible. If you are looking for a way out of shame-based living and a path towards wholeheartedness,  I encourage you  to take a look at her blog and discover for yourself how to begin to cultivate a life of wholeheartedness.

As I continue to peruse Brene's work, I am bumping into little pockets of shame clinging to me like velcro, a human condition, that must hold me back in ways I am unaware of prevent my heart from beating at a level of wholeheartedness that would make my life shine like the sun on a warm summer day.  Well, this is one human who is committed to continue to walk a path of self-discovery.  I hope you will join me.

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