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Leaving, on a jet plane......don't know when I'll be back again (ok, be back on Friday!)

Posted Nov 01 2009 10:00pm
It's been fairly busy the past several days. I've switched from evening shifts to day shifts (temporarily), plus I had a full day of observation/clinical in the office with the midwife again. That was pretty awesome actually. I assisted her with an IUD insertion. It went in very quickly and easily! No, I didn't do the insertion - I was more of her "helping hands" handing instruments and such to her. Kinda like what I do now in L&D as a nurse. Felt very familiar, being the assistant. I think this transition from nurse to provider is going to be a little difficult to wrap my mind around.

No days off recently for me. It's just been go-go-go. I started packing for my trip to Frontier last evening. I leave in less then 24 hrs!! WOOHOOOO!!!! YEEE HAWWW!! Kentucky, here I come!!

Working days today. I hope it's a decent day, and we're not as slammed as we have been with laboring women. I did have some fantastic vaginal births in the past several days. Some of the babies were absolutely toddler size!!! The biggest was just shy of 11 lbs. No epidural! Ouch! Mom did awesome!!!! The doc and I were joking yesterday about not having a repeat of such a large baby. Well, spoke too soon. Had one that was (unexpectedly) close to 10 lbs yesterday. A-ma-zing!!!! The power of a woman's body is just out of this world.

Leaving for KY bright and early on Monday morning. I am so super excited about seeing my classmates again!! We're doing what's called "Crossing the Bridge". It's where we finish up our Bridge year and "cross over" into the Master's level curriculum. Technically, we're Bridge students until December, and we've already started our first Master's level course, but it's very symbolic. Plus, we each do presentations on our intervention plan that we formed for our clinical sites. We also will be working on case studies. I <3 case studies! They are an awesome way of learning!

Off to work. Have a great week everyone!
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