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Learning to let your illness or disease become part of you, and YOU NOT PART OF IT...

Posted Jan 03 2012 9:11am

It has been some months since I have come on and written a blog.  And the reason being, is that I have had some downfalls, and some breakthroughs.  Finally being properly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It helped me understand what was going on.  And knowing that I was not losing my mind.  But it is still something that I had to not overcome me.  It has taken me some time, and I have fought my way back.  Though I have many, many bad days.  I keep in mind that, there are others that are battling far worse than what is going on with me.  And I can survive, and WILL!  

  As I have said, I do have an amazing support system, filled with my partner, my parents, other family members, and friends.  As well as my Doctors, and Therapists.  I felt that I first had to find what the "physical need" was to learn to deal with it, and then I went to; "psychological, and emotional need."  Medications are trial and error and I am on a regimen.  But I am also doing exercises, physical therapy, and Mind and body training as well.  I have lost several pounds as we all know in excess can be bad for your joints, tissues and other parts of the body.  I am happy to say that at 37 I weigh the same as I did when I was 24.  148lbs, and at 5 feet 7 inches.  not bad!  

  I also had to learn to eat properly, and come to terms with the fact there was NO CURE; as of yet for what I have.  So instead of letting it consume me, I set many goals to overcome the fear, the anxiety, and the emotional pain, not just the physical pain.  I have learned that letting it become a part of me, rather than me becoming a part of it.  I can go about my daily life, though at times painful.  And I won't lie, there are days that I feel still that I want to give up.  But, again with my support system I have that push, that gives me the drive to regain the strength to move on, and just BE.. Just live, and be happy with everything else around me.  It may just be a "deal mechanism" yes that could very well be true.  But it is working for me, I am doing much better. I see things more clearly, and I AM SURVIVING!  Not just coexisting.  With understanding, compassion, and the strength of those who love us and wish to see us thrive.  It is the best medicine out there.  I highly recommend finding a support system even if it is just one or 2 people.  And I also highly recommend counseling, and NEVER BE AFRAID to tell your doctor off.  (With all due respect of course) But let them know that you understand that they went to medical school, but YOU are the patient, you know your body, and NEVER be afraid to let them know any or ALL symptoms, changes etc.  You are paying them after all.  And with that being said... LIVE!  One love, and Blessings to ALl


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