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Latest Scientific Breakthroughs For Acne Treatment and Therapy

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:41am

Therapy is something that has to go with the treatment or rehabilitation of any physical, mental or behavioral problems encountered by any individual. By acne therapy, we mean, healing, curing and providing remedies from the source.

There are plenty of new acne therapies introduced in the medical industry. They provide state-of-the-art breakthroughs that would surely help you out with your acne problem right down from its roots. The concepts behind these therapies are simple, that is to control oil production in the body and to clear other residues that have accumulated within the pores.

Blue Light Therapy

This blue light procedure helps you get rid of your acne by eliminating the bacteria causing acne in your skin. There are two basic procedures to this therapy, namely:

  • Pre-treatment. Wash your face or any affected area and allow the surface to dry. After which, you are advised to sit at a distance comfortable from the bulb, about two to three feet away.
  • Treatment proper. You are not about to set a distance nearer to the bulb, but do not do it closer than two feet. The blue light should be used 15 minutes on a daily basis. The purpose of the light is to heal the skin at the same time revive it. After you have seen results of using the system, you may decrease the treatment to an every other day basis.

Light or laser therapy

This is one of the most popular acne therapies and has been in existence for quite some time now. The procedure guarantees reduction and removal of both acne and the scars associated with it. Some other things that make the therapy successful are:

  • Penetration of deep layers. The light from the laser can help break through the dermis of the skin by passing through the epidermis. This procedure does not damage the outer lining.
  • Shrinking of the oil glands. The procedure helps cure acne and other related problems by reducing the size of the sebaceous glands. Just like the blue light therapy, it kills the P. acnes, the primary bacteria known to cause acne.
  • Improves the skin texture. By undergoing the laser therapy, you are guaranteed to rejuvenate your skin and get the youthful glow you want.


This treatment is known to reduce facial line and wrinkles and to this day has also been used for acne treatment. The procedure involves placing of crystals to exfoliate the face of the patient. The treatment is done using a brush to sweep off the crystals. This procedure, compared to blue light therapy which can be done home, should be done by experts in order to avoid side effects.

The introduction of medicinal breakthroughs in the market helped eliminate the acne problem. The acne therapies have begun gaining recognition for themselves, thus, providing good outcome for those who use them.

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