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Posted Apr 23 2014 7:24pm

I feel like I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  Between getting our house up to snuff, and a few consulting projects that have come in, I haven’t had as much kitchen / makeup time as I’d like.  On the plus side, I have discovered a whole new passion for interior design.  Not in the larger sense that I want to go design rooms in people’s houses, but more as a hobby for our house.  It’s a fun challenge to create a room that makes us feel at peace and at home, while still understanding that we live with two very shedding dogs and we have a budget to stick to.  I’ve been going to estate sales, trolling craigslist, and doing a bit of DIY – and it feels really good to create a space that feels truly like my own.

Steve had some gigs in Santa Barbara and Ojai a couple of weeks ago and the pups and I accompanied him (because Santa Barbara and Ojai).  We stayed at this great place we found on airbnb  complete with a vegetable garden, fresh fruit trees, a barn of chickens (who provided us with eggs), and a fenced yard for the dogs.


We loved it.  It was peaceful, the dogs were in heaven, and the eggs were delicious.  But by the third day, I was itching to go home; I missed our bed and our space.  And when we finally got home that evening, I felt this wave of tranquility wash over me. I was so happy to be home, in the house that we are making our own.

Back to the point: I will be better about blogging;  I really love this little site and I am happier when I update regularly.  And in the spirit of updates, here are  just a few things that I’ve bought or used in the last month or so that I’ve really dug.  None of them are expensive, and all of them have made my life better – or just a little more fun.

  1. jane iredale jelly jar eyeliner ($28 at )
    I have WAITED and searched for 2 years for a quality and toxin-free gel liner.  I used to use the one from bobbi brown , and I think I may have shed a tear when I chucked it because it was toxic (side note: it is really difficult to find ingredients in bobbi brown cosmetics – seriously WHAT ARE THEY HIDING).  I’ve tried a few more natural options that haven’t really done the trick  - too dry or not enough pigment, but this one can compete with the big fancy brands.  The application is smooth, the pigment is intensely good, and it stays on for hours.  Bravo jane!
  2. fresh chamomile
    I received some fresh chamomile in my CSA this week and now I am utterly obsessed.  I had no idea that chamomile had flowers that remind me of daisies.  Or that it smells amazing.  I use it for garnishes, fresh tea, and decor:   it looks positively lovely on my kitchen counter in a mason jar /vase.
  3. topshop black longline bikini ($50, )
    I love love love that high-waisted bikinis are now a thing (again).   I am shaped like a tree – thick in the middle (first place I gain weight and last place I lose) with thin arms and legs.  I have always gravitated towards one-piece suits because unless I work out all the time and eat perfectly 100% of the time, my tummy prefers to be covered.  I just bought this suit and I am in love with it.  It accentuates the good stuff and hides the bad, and both the top and bottom can be paired with other suits I own.  I’m ready for the beach.  Wait, do I ever go to the beach?
  4. target plus sign bath mat ($19.99 at )
    My bathroom makeover (post coming soon) is almost done!  Our bathroom is not all that pretty and given the prohibitive nature of both the cost and inconvenience of having your only bathroom remodeled, we’re going to make small and cheap upgrades to the status quo.  I love all things black and white and I love this bath mat.  I swear sometimes it makes me forget how much I hate my bathroom floor.
  5. josie maran argan daily moisturizer ($32, )
    It’s BACK.  I was very sad when the original formulation  was discontinued and I waited and waited for it to come back.  I used other natural SPFs that didn’t rub in as well.  I forced myself to keep using them because I live in Southern California where it feels like some days the sun is burning off my face.  I bought an ugly hat from an estate sale that my 87-year-old neighbor complimented.  The SPF is back.  I am thrilled.  Though I’ll still probably wear the hat.

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