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Posted Feb 25 2014 5:38pm



Well, some updates.  We hired an electrician to come out and change some of the outlets in the house.  He was all this place is a ticking time bomb, all your wiring is from 1945, and it;s clear someone DIYed a bunch of these outlets which could explode at any moment.  Also do you realize they used cardboard to cover a hole that used to house a light fixture?  Uh oh.

Cut to today and I am holed up in the office while our little 1940′s home gets completely rewired.  On the plus side, the outlets will look lovely when they are all done.  Remind me why I bought a house again?

Buying an old home is bound to have surprises, I just didn’t think such an expensive one would happen so soon.  Definitely puts some other projects on the back burner.  Despite these…surprises ( about which as I am learning: they happen and you deal with it and life goes on).  These are just a few things that I’ve bought or used in the last month or so that I’ve really dug.  None of them are expensive, and all of them have made my life better – or just a little more fun.

  1. super comfy and cheap pajamas  ($24.99,
    I bought these for my surgery and ended up getting a second pair because I liked them so much.  They are warm enough for winter, but not flanner so I wear them during the fall and spring as well
  2. jane iredale 24-karat gold dust in rose gold ($14,
    an all over shimmer powder that happens to be the perfect pink eyeshadow with not toxins or scar ingredients
  3. casa tissue box cover ($5.76,
    tissue box covers are oddly expensive. I bought this one to go on top of the toilet in my bathroom,  It is cheap, very adorable, and makes a really nice difference.
  4. frozen blueberries (trader joes)
    I never really liked blueberries until I started eating frozen ones.  They taste like sorbet and work so nicely on top of my oatmeal in the morning.
  5. brass dog name plate  ($2.99,
    My dogs used to jingle like crazy when they walked – it drove me nuts.  They had ID tags, rabies tags, microchip tags (sort of redundant), and their licenses that alerted me every time they were on the move from across the house.  This nameplate is so inexpensive (only $2.99 including engraving), and it attaches directly to their collars.  I decluttered their noisemaking tags, and now they just have their license tags on their collars.  I am so much happier. And quieter.
  6. ribba frame with white matte ($9.99 and up, Ikea)
    I can’t believe I lived my whole never having bought this frame.  It’s so cheap and it looks so good.  Even the enormous one is only $24.99.  I love anything that looks more expensive than it is and this frame is really such a deal.

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