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Large Lump on Inner Thigh and Groin Intersection

Posted by neuroticshoes

Hello!  I have a lump that lies an inch above the intersection of my inner thigh and groin. (on the bikini line)  The size of the lump is 2.5 cm long, 1.5 cm wide, and about 1 cm raised.  It is visible, red, warm, and very tender to the touch.  I cannot wear underwear because it rubs directly on it.  I know for sure that it isn't a hair follicle problem;  I've had many versions of those.  

This is the second time that it has occurred.  The first time was similar to now and in the same exact spot.  We've noticed that both times, it has occurred within a week of my period.

I'll be stalking this board, waiting for an answer, so if you have questions to narrow down your suspicions as to what I could have, I'll be glad to answer.

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