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Keep going

Posted Jul 09 2012 1:50pm
Courtesy: Maripositas

If you believe in a God/Universe, then you probably questioned why bad things happen to good people?  Especially if you lost someone you love, or were diagnosed with a devastating disease. I don't have an answer, but for me it took experiencing some not so great things to shape who I am today. It was my wake-up call, probably the only thing to stop me from going down a path with the wrong people and life not meant to be mine. At the time it seemed like my life was over. It wasn't, it was just my ego and fear using everything they could to convince me I was wrong so I could resist change and go back. While my life is certainly not perfect now (when is it ever really), I know my present and future are better than I could have ever hoped for.

My Motivation Monday tip is to just keep going. You can choose to be paralyzed by what happened to you, or use it to become the motivation you need to change your life today.

Have a great week!
xoxo Helen
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