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just found out my 19 yr old daughter has a cyst on her ovary and she running a fever of 101 is that normal or not?

Posted by onehotmomma 55

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Sorry for the delay.  Cysts on the ovary can be normal.  After all, the monthly process of ovulation includes follicle development (and cysts are just big follicles).  However, just as with Goldilocks, too much of a good thing really isn't good.  So polycystic ovarian syndrome, meaning lots of cysts, is actually bad.  Large cysts can be painful, especially if they bleed.  And in fact, there are several different ovarian cysts.  In any case, the point of this is that no cysts should be associated with a fever.  So more likely than not, the cyst is just coincidental to the fever.  


Having said that, the next step is to find out the source of (or reason for) the fever.  If your daughter has pain in the lower quadrant of the stomach/pelvis on the same side of the cyst, then we worry about pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), a complication of sexually transmitted diseases.  If the pain is on the right lower quadrant, we worry about appendicitis.  Diverticular pain is typically in the left lower quadrant but is usually found in older adults who haven't eaten enough fiber.


More frequently found is a kidney infection, especially if she has one sided back pain plus painful frequent urination.  The fever separates this from a simple bladder infection.


Of course, lots of other reasons could account for a fever, such as pneumonia, strep throat, etc.  Best for her to go and see her family physician, or at least whoever ordered the test that found the ovarian cyst.  Good luck! 

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