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Just Do It- another strategy for urinary leakage

Posted May 25 2010 10:49am 1 Comment
OK ladies we know some of you are still leaking despite all your good efforts and intentions. You've cut out caffeine, you've purged your diet of all those delicious bladder irritants and risked your diet plan by giving up those favorite artificial sweeteners. So what gives...

The 3 reasons you may still be leaking:
You're contracting the wrong muscles-check the archives for help
You aren't doing the exercises with enough intensity or specificity-check the archives
AND 3rd-You are doing your pelvic floor exercises EXACTLY as we have told you-twice a day.
But this is the reality. You wouldn't go to the gym and do your arm exercises and then not use your arm muscles for the rest of the day. You would use the new strength that you have developed to make your tasks easier throughout the day.
Otherwise why do it? The pelvic floor muscles are not different-the point is that you strengthen them so you CAN USE THEM during the day and especially during activities that cause you to leak urine.

So ladies... Use it (pelvic floor), or Lose it(urine).

The Practical PT's guide to incorporating your pelvic floor muscles into your daily activities.

Just to remind you: It's not enough to "just do the exercises". It is important to incorporate this new strength into your daily activities. Along with abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles are part of "core strength".

The basic instructions prior to standing from a sitting position, lifting an object or pushing or pulling something are:

Take in a breath
Contract your pelvic floor muscles
Draw your abdominal muscles inward
And exhale as you perform the activity.

Terrific Tip: Contract your pelvic floor muscles and..
EXhale with EXercise
EXhale with EXertion
EXhale while you "anything" that is strenuous

In other words DON'T hold your breath and do USE your pelvic floor muscles

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