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Jumping ship: away from a worsening fire or into shark-infested waters???

Posted Jul 20 2010 10:43am
I'm becoming rather frustrated at how things are progressing at work. We're losing nurses - GOOD nurses - left and right. Nurses are becoming frustrated, angry, disillusioned. Our management seems to be operating on some other level than the nurses. Management comes out with dictates left and right that are overwhelming the staff nurses and angering them. We're being treated like children: Big Brother is watching you! We're getting nitpicked over a sundry of minor (sometimes bigger) things.

Nurses aren't taking it anymore. We've lost about 6 nurses alone in the past few months. They are moving on to (hopefully) better environments. Are the nurses being replaced? NO. The end result is short staffing. Management asking nurses to work overtime, pick up extra shifts. We have a nurse who calls off sick constantly, leaving more holes in staffing that the rest of us are expected to fill in and cover.

I think it's time that the remaining staff nurses stick together, write up a joint letter to management to voice our concerns and complaints, and see to it that things get better, and not worse, as they seem to be.

There are moments when I am ready to jump this ship too.
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