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Jen vs The Rain

Posted Nov 02 2012 8:00am
I know I live in WA. I know the stats. It rains to many days out of the year. I will say most of the time the rain is light mist, but with that, it has rained at some point during a half marathon more times then not.

1. Kirkland Half Marathon  (May 2011) 3:04:20 - Rain at the start.
1 point Rain


2.   Amica Seattle Half Marathon (Nov 2011) 2:57:30 - Rain 95% of the time.
1 point Rain
 3. Lake Sammamish Half - (March 2012) 3:14, Rain 75% of the race.
1 point Rain

4. Heroes Half (April 2012) 3:05:02, it rained some, but wasn't terrible.
1point Rain
5. PDX RnR Half - (May 2012) 3:09:31, rained on and off, I don't remember heavy rain.
1 point Rain
6. SEA RnR Half - (June 2012) 3:56:12 - I don't remember any rain while we were running. Walking back the car was a different story - it was pouring.
1 point Jen
 7. See Jane Run Half - (July 2012) 3:16 - my post didn't mention rain, but it was cold and windy.
1 point Jen  8.  Snohomish River Run - (October 2012) 3:12:10
   Let me tally that up out of 8 half marathons - it has rained on me 6 times. I guess the moral of the story is if you run an event with me, there is a 75% chance it will rain.  Probably better odds then a local weather person can give you.  Have you ran in the rain more times then not? What is your favorite weather to run in?
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