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jane iredale Celebrates 20 Years

Posted May 05 2014 8:16am

IMG_8894[1] Since the standards for safe beauty are virtually non-existent, I’ve become accustomed to reading labels, educating myself about ingredients, making my own natural beauty solutions, and choosing my makeup with far more care than I ever thought would be necessary. And while there are some great natural brands out there that are free of known toxins, sometimes the luxury, pigment, and the fun of makeup falls by the wayside.

I’ve been a huge fan of Jane Iredale’s eponymous makeup line for quite some time – it finds that happy medium between ingredient integrity and quality products. The cream base products like her tinted moisturizer  and primer are luxurious and creamy yet light. The colors and pigments are deep, beautiful, and long-lasting.  Like I said, huge fan. So when I got the opportunity to meet her at a celebration for her 20th anniversary – twist my arm!


Jane is quite elegant (the British accent certainly doesn’t hurt); She carries herself so beautifully and I can only hope that she inspires me at the very least, to have better posture.  We began our evening with cocktails, treats, and a chance to chat with Jane to get some insider makeup and beauty tips.  Some highlights:

The difference between chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen
80% of the signs of aging come from sun damage so it’s crucial to use a good sunscreen. When UV rays hit the skin, there are two ways to block their harm.  The first is to transform their energy from light to heat which is how chemical sunscreens block UV rays. It’s not an ideal scenario because your skin gets incredibly hot and can actually burn from the intense heat. The second way to block UV rays is to reflect them, which is what mineral sunscreens do (look for zinc oxide as the active ingredient). Imagine your body being covered with lots and lots of infinitesimally small mirrors which reflect UV rays.  As an added bonus, all those teeny tiny mirrors make your skin look absolutely fantastic because of the way that light hits them. That’s how mineral makeup hides flaws – it’s all about that light reflection.

Jane started with one product, and went door to door to sell it
I love success stories like this.  Jane began her career as a casting director and producer. She saw how harsh makeup created problems for actors and their skin and decided to do something about it. She hooked up with a chemist, created a mineral base powder and personally went to dermatologists’ and plastic surgeons’ offices to carry it in their offices as a cosmetic product that is actually good for the skin.  Today the company operates in 47 countries with over 300 products.

Great care goes into ingredient selection, testing, and manufacturing
It’s no accident that the products smell like fruit and herbs. Jane is an avid gardener (note to self: I must stop killing my plants) and purposefully created products that smell like pomegranate, orange, cucumber, rosemary, grapefruit, and green tea. Each product is put through rigorous testing to back up its claims – especially those with SPF.  Women will wear jane iredale SPF products, sit in a jacuzzi for 45 minutes, and then their skin is tested for SPF levels. If the SPF is still present, the product can be labeled “water-resistant.” The products are never tested on animals and are certified cruelty free.  All manufacturing happens in California.

My favorite LA based makeup artist, Ananda McAdams accompanied me to the event where we were introduced to the Spring 2014  Magic Hour Collection  (pictured below) that features beautiful shimmers, bronzes, and pinks – as well as my favorite new eyeliner .  We had some fun mini-makeovers and a chat with Jane herself who was ever so gracious. Here are some photos from the event.

Happy anniversary jane iredale!


IMG_8895[1] IMG_8893[1] IMG_8892[1] IMG_8896[1]

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