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Jackie: A brief sketch. (Or maybe not so brief.)

Posted Sep 14 2008 2:57pm

Hello! I'm Jackie.

I am a playwright and theatre professor in Texas. I believe at this point I can be called a theatre "generalist" and after next year I can put "large class specialist" on my CV, too. I've been teaching for going on seven years now, and doing theatre for almost twenty. I had my NYC playwriting debut in November '07.

Okay. With all that out of the way.

I love everything that can happen in the kitchen, the garden, the grocery store and the farmer's market. And the liquor store. I know I am a very good cook. But if my quality equated my love for doing it? I'd have my own show and you'd all be yelling something like "schwaaa!" when you added seasonings to food instead of "bam!" I like to think in another life I own a small, cozy cafe in the mountains somewhere.

Speaking of the mountains, I love those girls. Especially the ones that run the spine from New Mexico upwards of Canada. The closest viewing of them is a five hour drive from here. I've been known to make that drive when I'm in dire need of rejuvenation. Nature charges my batteries faster than anything else.

I have three girls. All four legged. Allie is a Schipperke/Chihuahua mix and my rock. She's 13 this year. Grey is the second most affectionate cat you'll ever meet. She's a Russian Blue and at 7 is still growing into her feet. Bailey is the youngest. She's a two year old Golden Retriever, and the prettiest red head in the world. She and Grey are best friends and often nap together.

At 35, on the heels of 36, I'm single and dating. It feels like a terminal state at this point, but I've not given up hope entirely just yet. I'm also an "orphan" and I use quotation marks because it feels like a silly thing to call yourself once you're too old to be Oliver Twist. My parents passed about five years ago, and it's still something I struggle with every day. My entire blood family is now just my brother who is also one of my closest friends. He has a beautiful wife and two step-daughters that have me wrapped around their little fingers. And I am so blessed to have a very large family of dear, dear friends.

Also? I'm a hardcore ice cream junkie.

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