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IUD - Paraguard vs Mirena

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:00pm
Hello dear readers! I am now officially a 3 time user of an IUD. Yes, that's right! I had my third IUD placed today. The first two that I had were the Paraguard IUDs, but this third one is a Mirena.

Why the change, you might ask?

Well, after going through the heavy, painful periods with the Paraguards, they did eventually get better. However, as I am getting older, my periods are becoming longer (the actual bleeding, that is). I discussed things with my CNM last month, and she said, let's try the Mirena.

So, today was the big day. Mirena day #1.

A little crampy getting the Paraguard out (I had this one in for 6 years), and a little more crampy getting the tenaculum on my cervix. (Honestly, YOWSAS!) Then the insertion itself went very smooth. The nurse practitioner who placed it was so nice. I really like her! It was the first time I've met her, but we seemed to hit it off with a great rapport right away.

Anyhow, cramps are minimal (I'm on cycle day 5, if you really are dying to know - so cramps are normal at this time for me).

Time will tell if my cycles lighten up or decrease - or perhaps (wishful thinking) - they go away totally.

Almost every person I've talked to who has Mirena loves it and has little in the way of periods. I'm seriously getting too old for periods. I'm done with my uterus anyway. Who needs the menstrual cycles anymore??

Will keep everyone updated on how this works for me. How has Mirena worked for you?
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