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Itchy areola. hormonal?

Posted by Just me..

I'm 53 and my breasts (the areola)  have been itching like crazy for about 3 days... I'm about a week late on my period.

NO I am not pregnant.

NO. I haven't gotten new bras OR changed my detergent.

I had a clean mammogram last month.

Could this be hormonal?

Perhaps medication? I have been taking Lamsil for about 4 months for a foot fungus.


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Some people report being itchy or having rashes while on lamisil. You should call your doctor ASAP to make sure this isn't a sign of something serious since there might be concerns about your liver while on this drug. Good luck!

I'm glad to hear about a recent normal mammogram.  Jeff's right in that oral Lamisil can irritate the liver (and bone marrow) which is why it requires regular blood work when taken for a prolonged period of time.  However, one of the bigger concerns for family physicians and gynecologists whenever a patient comes in complaining of itchy nipples is Paget's disease of the breast.  So go tell your physician about your concern and get tested.  Good luck!


BTW, it's not common, but not impossible either, to continue to menstruate regularly into one's 50s.  But if you are and then you're late, you want to make sure that you're not pregnant (and use some form of contraception to prevent an oops!).  Or this could be a sign that you're finally entering menopause!  However, I haven't heard of menopause being related to itchy areolas.


Good luck!

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