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Is It Worth It? Make It Worth It

Posted Oct 24 2012 8:00am

It sounds crazy, but having an internal conversation with myself has been a key motivation to get myself healthy.  My decisions become a product of logic and reason rather than emotions because I take an active role.  Being passive about your life and health is certainly easy – but it’s not worthwhile.  There are two mantras that I often use that inspire good choices in my diet and exercise regimens.

Is It Worth It?
I used to mindlessly eat things because they were in front of me, because I was addicted to sugar, because it made me feel better, because I was stressed.  After I had my mastectomy , I actually began eating worse than I did before the surgery.  I had eliminated my risk, I reasoned, so why shouldn’t I enjoy myself? I’d been through hell.  I deserved it.  I deserve to drink this coffee with creamer, eat this croissant with cheese, enjoy these nachos.  Every meal was an indulgence.  But do you know what I also deserve?   A healthy body that is treated with kind and care.  A strong immune system that can fight off disease.  A body that not only fights disease, but prevents it from happening in the first place.

So every time I think of having a slice of pizza, splurging on holiday candy, or reaching for the bread basket, I ask myself:  Is this worth it?  Is the fleeting pleasure I get from the taste of this food worth the disservice it does to my body?  Is it worth compromising all I’ve built?  Is it worth feeling like crap after I eat it?  Every once in a while it is (oh shake shack), but most often it’s not.  So the next time you feel like eating something that wreaks havoc on your precious body – ask yourself – is it worth it?  It’s surprising how far a little bit of cognition can go.  Just being aware makes all the difference and makes it that much easier to pass on the cookies.

I Could Have Unlimited Cookies Too If All I Did Was Throw Them Over My Shoulder

Make It Worth It
I don’t make a secret of the fact that I don’t like working out .  During my workouts, I would rather to be almost anywhere but sweating in class.  I had an instructor once ask me if I was mad at her – that’s how happy I look when exercising.  But afterwords, I feel amazing.  I feel zen, strong, light on my feet, and that I can conquer the world. So when I drag myself to class, I want to make sure that my workouts are worth it.  I want to make sure I get that high at the end of class.  I’m so impressed by people who can work out effectively while reading but unfortunately, that magazine doesn’t motivate me to push myself.  It just enables me to be lazy.

That Looks Comfy ( Source )

I need to focus on me when I’m exercising.  I constantly repeat in my head make it worth it.  I exercise for only 30-45 minutes at a time and while I’m there I’m going to give it my all.  Because I paid to be there.  Because there’s no point in half assing it.  Because I owe it to my body to make it strong.  Because I want to feel good when I’m done.

So make your next workout worth it.  Because you certainly are.


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