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Is it really bacterial vaginosis?

Posted by Nikki R.

My doctor diagnosed me with bacterial vaginosis a few years back, after I went to him because of a smelly discharge.  They checked me for all possible stds and they all came back negative.  So he concluded that I had bacterial vaginosis.  He had prescribed medicine after medicine for the recurring problem.  The medicine seemed to help for a short time, but the smell would always return.  I've been dealing with this for four years!!!!!  What could possibly be wrong with me??  I noticed how the smell always returns about a week after my period and last until my next one.  Please help!!! 
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Hey nikki!!

seems like your problem is similar to mine. The worst part of bacterial vaginosis is its fishy odor. I had many embarrashing moments bcoz of odor. Becoz of it i didnt had interest in Sex and my marriage was suffering too much. prescription drugs didnt work at all coz BV kept coming back.

After a long run I permanently cured my bv and got rid of fishy odor in matter of days by following step by step guidance in a e- book. i have shared my story for sufferers in similar position i was at 3 days to permanent bacterial vaginosis relief

I wish u BV free life whatever the method of treatment u choose.

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