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is it possible to be sexually intimate w a guy who has had chlamydia for 6 months before i get it and than all of a sudden i get

Posted by rxyrks

i have been with my friend for 8 months, we started having unprotected sex after 2 months and 5 months later all of a sudden i have chlamydia and ghoneria together, he told me he messed with his ex when we met ,i need to know if thats possible for him to have both diseases and carry them for 6 months and than all of sudden i get them .why wouldnt i get them sooner and why wouldnt he know he had them sooner.i want to believe him but the odds are against him.

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trust your instincts on this, rxy, if i were you, I'd get meds to cure to STD he gave you and get rid of him too.


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