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Is it normal to have some sporadic abdominal cramps and occasion uterus pain about 2 weeks after a first trimester miscarriage?

Posted by Scotlass

I had a miscarriage just about 2 weeks ago. I opted for the natural passing, since my body had pretty much erradicated everything in one night prior to my doctor visit.  I went through the usual cramps, bleeding, passing of huge amounts of tissue etc., and then after about one week, it seemed to be over. 

Since then I am still feeling achy.  I am experiencing occasional cramping, difficulty in passing bowel movements (painful - but I don't think related) and feel occasional discomfort around what is probably my uterus (deep to the inside of my hip bones on either side).  I  read that I may be ovulating, given the timeframe, and have no signs of infection (fever, chills, discharge...).  Before I run off to my doctor and pay an exhorbitant amount of money that I can't afford, I thought I would get your opinion as to if this is normal or to be expected. 

In addition:  I suffer from Hypothyroidism (which is what caused this mess to begin with) and am currently taking Levothyroxine 112mcg.

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