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Is fishy smell discharge a syptom of yeast infections?

Posted by L89

I have some syptoms like:

White vaginal discharge, it is lumpy and sometimes looks like cottage cheese.

  • Vaginal itching

  • Irritated skin that becomes red or inflamed at the opening of the vagina.

  • Painful urination

  • Burning

  • Pain or vaginal discomfort while having sex

  • Soreness or discomfort around the vaginal lips  

  • After checking on some websites I've learned those are the syptoms of yeast infections. but I also have the syptom of fishy smell dischage inside of my vigina, which is the spytom of Bacterial Vaginosis. I just bought and used VAGISTAT-1( tioconazole ointment 6.5% vaginal antifungal), which is a one-does treatment for yeast infections, one hour ago, before I noticed these differences between yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis. This the fisrt time I've ever have any Viginal problems.I am not sure if I am having the correct treatment.

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    You have a classic yeast infection!!


    Thos over the counter things almost never work!   

    You may have high yeast levels throughout the body. I have had this experience myself - for months on end - with no relief from traditional medicine. I fianlly have results using Yeast Gard - homepathic line of products: suppositories, cream and capsuals. ALSO absolutely do a cleansing diet: meat, fish, chicken, TONS OF vegetables and grapefruit for about 6 weeks. You can have small amounts of lentils and chick peas / garbanzo beans. - Eat no dairy (except a bit of unsweetened "live" yogurt) NO processed foods, coke, diet coke, slurpees, candy, cakes, etc. NO sugar, alchohol, caffeine, peanuts, white foods, such as potatoes, rice bread. Eat no wheat / yeast products. NO sugar hidden in any food. Stay away from carrots, corn and sweet potatoes as well, and beets for the six weeks. After six weeks add lentils, brown rice, oatmeal, yogurt, rice bread, almonds and other nuts, also any fruit - go easy on bananas. Stick with this for six weeks. You will be more healthy than you have ever been in your life and will have lost about 10 - 15 pounds!! : ) . -- Then pretty much eat this way forever!! ALSO take Brewer's Yeast (tablets at GMC) Acidopholis, and other vitimans. Take Activated Charcol 30 mins after eating and throughout day for the first three weeks or so to avoid the painful sides of detox.  -- There is  asiliva test to do at home for the signs of yeast (candida) overgrowth. Men and women can have it. Even without signs of vaginal yeast infection it can be there. -- Can go until the point at which our hearts give out!!! Google it for more information!  AMAZING - Take your health into your hands!! : )

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