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Is cola colored mucus normal during mid-cycle and throughout general cycle?

Posted by Momof3

I have been experiencing this cola colored mucus for about a year now and have had cramping feeling on-going. It usually happens mid-cycle but it does occur anytime throughout my cycle. I'm not pregnant, in fact I've had a tubal ligation after 3 children all delivered by c-section. Just recently I've experienced pain with intercourse in that it feels like tremendous pressure and a terrible burning sensation during and after. I've had 2 ultrasounds to see if there's anything wrong but both have been considered normal except for a slight enlargement of my uterus. Is this normal? Or should I explore some additional testing? If so, what testing is there?
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Thanks Marna. Are you another Mom on here or are you an MD part of this Wellsphere? This is great, sharing infomration that's not easy to talk about. I have an appointment tomorrow. I just feel like it's something I need to push. I'm only 31 so they don't seem to take anything too seriously but come on, I just don't this is normal! Thank you for your feedback. Other than an ultrasound, I just don't know what to request to further test.  Thanks again!


Hi there Momof3 - I'd go back to your OBGYN and share with them what you have shared here.  Cervical mucus  will often look clear and be quite stretchy, it is often described as raw egg white, that's when we are ovulating.  Infertile mucus may have a thicker appearance and can appear absent, gluggy or claggy. It is often white or yellowish in color.

If your CM is any other color than that -- it needs to be checked out.


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