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Instead of complaining be grateful for something.

Posted Jun 11 2010 5:06am
I was at a luncheon recently and a member had a wonderful story she shared with the group. It gave me time to pause and realize how many times we do turn something that is potentially negative into something even more negative. But we all have the power to turn something potentially negative into something positive!

She shared with us that a her friend was telling her how she went into a sales office for a fix to a problem that was suppose to take approximately 20 minutes. Well the 20 minutes turned into a wait of over an hour. She said at first she was rather annoyed but then she thought how grateful she was that she was just waiting to get an answer on a mechanical issue instead of waiting for her turn for chemo or waiting for the doctor to come in to discuss her latest cancer treatment and status, or waiting to plan a funeral etc. She then realized she was given a time to reflect on just how blessed she was and all the things she was grateful for.

I sat there and thought, wow, what an awesome woman her friend must be. She was so smart to do that and I was so grateful our friend shared that story with us. So many times I get in a situation that just spirals downward, when only I have the control to ensure it does not.

Taking the time each day to reflect on all our blessings just seems to make those things that are annoying seem so insignificant. Have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend!
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