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Information on Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Posted Jan 26 2012 5:31pm
This winter brought a lot of changes to my life when I was suddenly diagnosed with a plethora of conditions including diabetes, coronary artery disease,sleepapnea, glaucoma, hypertension and stress urinary incontinence. As I am suddenly confronted with my own mortality I find myself searching for answers. In 18 short months since my last physical and a clean bill of health I am now struggling to find clear information and support as I move forward. I am hoping this site can provide some of the information I am seeking. Like everyone else that has been newly diagnosed with problems I went to the internet to find out more about my conditions and found many of the treatments that have been recommended by my doctor for my conditions are being litigated. When I looked upactoswhich is being recommended by my physician for the treatment of my diabetes I found tons of attorney sites and news articles about this drugs side effects. Afterwards I looked up each condition with the word litigation and found that the treatment recommended by my physician for stress urinary incontinence has mountains of litigation surrounding it as well and the side effects if things go wrong are debilitating. I found an attorney sitewww.womenshealthattorney.comthat had good information about the possible side effects of thissurgeryand I am torn as to whether the benefits of thesurgeryoutweighs the risks. This condition is getting worse over time and it is becoming more embarrassing, this is pushing me toward considering the surgical option but I am concerned, do I have the right doctor is the procedure safe? I could not find a current thread with discussions on this topic. If you have had this procedure please let me know how it has worked out for you.
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