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Posted Aug 19 2009 6:32pm
Today was not a good day. I have been in a lot of pain recently, especially sitting. But that increase was due to having and getting over my period. However, I've had itching and burning as of late last night. This morning I was fairly certain I had an infection- I had a lot of vaginal pain that I don't normally have, and siting was almost unbearable. I went into NY for PT as per usual, but ended up taking a bus back to my house to go to the gynecologist.

I was already in a bad mood at the gynecologist because frankly, I have enough vagina issues to handle right now. The over-peppy receptionist and nurse almost set me over the edge. I had a new gynecologist since I was rushed in, so she knew nothing about me. Not really in the mood to give her my whole history, I just told her what I had and could she please use the smallest size and be careful? She replied by asking what they put me on for vvs. I just looked at her blankly. Does she really think there's a magic pill out there that we can all take? Great- why don't you just prescribe me that now and I can stop wasting my time at all these different specialists. She was so oblivious to everything, so I just told her I've gone through a lot of different things and left it at that. It's so frustrating when gynecologists aren't even informed. I was pretty upset after she left the room and needed a couple of minutes to pull myself together.

It looks like I have a bacterial infection. Joy. I'm on two medications for the next week and a half and should be better by then. This is highly inconvenient because I can't have surgery while I'm on antibiodics, so I'll have to push back my toe surgery. I also can't have alcohol, and boy would I like a drink right now.

I'm just so sick of it. A whole day spent running around to doctors. And more pain for me to put up with. I'm just going to play the life's not fair card tonight and then take it on tomorrow.
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