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Improve Breast Contour with Breast Enhancement Surgery

Posted Sep 25 2012 7:17am
With breast implant technology and the surgical techniques associated with it being highly advanced, it is not surprising that the procedure of breast enhancement has gained a lot of popularity. Women go for breast augmentation when they are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts or if the breasts have lost volume or sagged due to factors such as aging and breast feeding. The main goal of breast enhancement is to bring about a visible improvement in the breast volume and contour. Breast augmentation surgery is chosen for cosmetic reasons by some women, while others go for it for restoring the breasts after mastectomy.

Increase Your Breast Size with Breast Implants

Breast enhancement is usually done with FDA approved implants. The two types of implants popularly used are saline filled and silicone gel filled implants. These are made of solid silicone plastic. The silicone implants look and feel more natural compared to saline implants. They have a texture similar to that of breast tissue.

The plastic surgeon may insert the breast implants in various positions and this is either at the edge of the areola, through an incision in the armpit or under the breast. In the case of saline implants, an inch long incision is made. In the case of silicone implants, an inch and a half long incision is made. The implant location is decided on the basis of aspects such as implant type, your age, current body mass, areolar diameter and breast anatomy.

The implant is placed in a pocket beneath the pectoral muscle at the back of the breast tissue or above the pectoral muscle. The placement of the implants is based on factors such as individual physical characteristics, implant option and the amount of enhancement required. An experienced plastic surgeon would help in determining the best implant technique, as per individual requirements.

Improve Your Breast Contour and Enjoy the Benefits of This Breast Surgery

The benefits of breast enhancement surgery include:

• Helps in achieving a more feminine look
• Improves the shape and increases the size of the breasts
• Self confidence is restored and appearance is improved
• Self esteem is enhanced in intimate and social settings

This procedure is approximately of 2 hours duration. Just like other surgeries, breast enhancement surgery for improving the breast contour is sometimes associated with certain risks. Loss of sensation and infection may occur in some cases. Luckily, there are no severe complications involved.The chance of complications can be reduced to a great extent if the right surgeon is chosen.
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