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Im 23 I had a baby 8 months ago and I had many times yeast infection and last time vaginitis. I've got antibiotic from my doctor

Posted by kasia

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Antibotics will cause a yeast infection. I always ask for a script for Difulcan when I get antibotics. The Difulcan will cure a yeast infection. It is a tablet and works great. One tablet is all you will need. There is also over the counter cream for a yeast infection that you insert vaginally but I would get the tablet if you can from  the Dr.


I couldn't finish last time sorry- I cured my yeast, I've got exactly the same tablet and I think it really helped.but I started spotting-on pink. I have an IUD system and I don't know why am spotting. nothing else, just that pink discharge. and I am really worried what it is. My antibiotic was for bacterial vaginitis-nidagel.I had 2 infections in one time
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