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If You’re Stressed, Devlop Better Bedtime Habits To Sleep Well

Posted Jul 25 2009 12:00am

Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Stress, worry, caffeine, alcohol and watching TV in bed  are the top culprits for losing sleep. A study done by the Sleep Center at Baylor Medical Center in Texas found that bad bedtime habits and not winding down properly at night will cause you to lose sleep.   A recent National Sleep Foundation poll found that 47 percent of people with sleep problems were likely to use caffeinated beverages to compensate for their daytime sleepiness, but these stimulants contribute to more difficulties sleeping. Experts suggests  developing a calming bedtime routine. Relax the body and mind through yoga, biofeedback and meditation, or take a cup of warm milk with nutmeg. Also avoid workouts within four hours of bedtime. While regular exercise relieves stress, it also raises core body temperature, which can make falling asleep more difficult. Next avoid caffeine, alcohol or sugary items within eight hours of bedtime.
Use your bedroom for sleep only. Find someplace else to watch TV, plan your day or fret so that your mind associates the room only with sleep.

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