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If there is something you want to do, do it - as if it is on your bucket list.

Posted Mar 08 2009 3:18pm
To me creating a bucket list has been intimidating. Well actually to me creating a list of anything is intimidating, but that is another story. But when I think of that bucket list and either starting one or evaluating something “worthy” as a bucket list item, I often hesitate and doubt myself as to whether it is worthy or should be part of a bucket list.

I was thinking about an event or something I wanted to do today and had a thought. Everything is worthy of being on that “bucket list” if it is something I want to do. Don’t judge, don’t get into what others will think, namely my husband, just put it on the list. I have decided that I need to approach everyday and things I want to do as if they are on my bucket list. If there is something I want to do, short term or long, I am going to start either doing it or putting it on a list, my wish list, and have a LONG bucket list.

If you saw the movie, The Bucket List, I hope you agree with me that it was great and gave you something to think about. It did me, but I am a sucker for sentimental movies. But on the flip side movies or books like this sometimes make me feel like what I do or want to do is insignificant. That is not good and not positive. I had a realization today that my bucket list is mine, and what I want, not what others think it should be. After all it is MY list.

Isn’t life full of what if’s or I wish I had…. Fear is what keeps us from doing so much. I know, it is a great enemy of mine. But today I have decided, when it comes to doing what I want, everything is going to be viewed as a bucket list item. Why limit ourselves to a few items on a list. If I wait till tomorrow or someday, that day may never come. If there is something you want to do – do it. Add it to the list and then mark it off. I do that a lot! That way I accomplished something AND marked it off a list! But seriously, if you write it down you have a better chance that it will be accomplished. Write and believe it.

I love those little pocket notebooks with the ink pens attached. I keep one in my purse. It is my secret bucket list, every little wish I have for my life I note it in that book. At this stage of my life, I need to write it down, I may forget. It never hurts to dream - that is how everything begins, with a thought or a dream. Here’s hoping your dreams all come true, I know mine will, because I am putting them on my bucket list.
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