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If I missed two active birth control pills,Would it be likely to get my period early? If so, Should i continue the pack or stop?

Posted by linds123

This past friday and saturday, I missed two active pills in a row in a row at the end of the second week. I took them both Sunday when I remembered. I began to spot a bit, but today it seems as if I got my period early. Any advice?
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when this happened to me once, my dr told me to keep taking them. its called breakthrough bleeding and can turn into a full blown period. keep taking your pills, but next time if you miss 2-dont take both on day 3. it could build up too much of the hormone in your body. if you think you could be preggers, take a test. other then that i dont think you should have too much to worry about. just make sure to use condoms for the rest of the packet. it takes your body up to 2 weeks to readjust to the pills. hope this helps
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