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If I have a UTI, can my male partner have a allergic reaction from being intimate with me?

Posted by Carol W. Facebook

I keep having reaccurring UTI's.  My symptoms begin with tired and sore eyes, sore throat, then uti symptoms, and finally fever, in that order.  The last two times that I have been intimate with my companion, he devloped a rash.  The first rash was like poison ivy, and the second sent him to the doctor with big bumps all over his body.  The other times he did not have any reaction.  The difference in those times is that the times he did not have a reaction, I had consumed quite alot of merlot wine.  The time that he had a mild reaction, I had only one glass of wine.  The severe reaction, I had no wine at all. Please help!


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Interesting!  I learn something new everyday.  I haven't heard of someone complaining of a sore throat prior to a urinary tract infection (UTI).  UTIs can be thought of as local or systemic.  A bladder infection is a local one that hasn't spread so there shouldn't be any fever or back pain associated with this, just painful, frequent urination.  Kidney infections, or pyelonephritis, are more dangerous as these are systemic infections as evidenced by fever.  The back typically hurts, in addition to painful, frequent urination, because the kidneys are located towards the back.  


As for your male partner having an allergic reaction to your UTI?  Truthfully, I haven't heard of that either (maybe I need to get out more?).  I doubt it's the wine since you drank some prior to one reaction but not the other.  Also, it sounds like two different things happened from the way you describe it.  In other words, it doesn't sound like a similar reaction happened the second time, but that this was more coincidental.


What is more commonly accepted is for women to have an increase risk of developing UTIs after having engaged in sex (think of the motion as pushing bacteria back into the bladder), such that some have to take preventive antibiotics each time they engage in receptive relations.  Men who enage in anal sex w/o using condoms are also prone to UTIs too for a similar reason but it's not likely they'd develop a reaction immediately as I assume from your description.


Perhaps you're using a vaginal cream of sorts during your UTI?  I suppose he could be reacting to that cream.  Sorry I don't have better ideas.  Good luck w/your detective work. 

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