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If all the creams and lotions really worked . . .

Posted Jul 22 2009 6:42pm

Now I am not talking about anything in the sex department - that is another blog. But what I am thinking about today are all those creams and lotions that the ads say will take away the wrinkles, the under eye bags, the cellulite, the saggy butt, etc, etc.

If all those creams and lotions worked, I would not have to work out at the gym, walk several miles a day and eat oatmeal to just stay at my current size. All those creams and lotions would make me look 30, fit in a size 6 (or if I'm a real good girl a 4) and not have a wrinkle or bag one!

But, are there any that really work? I do like some beauty products just because they seem to help keep my skin healthy. But I guess if I stayed with one product long enough I would see if it really worked. My attention span is short when it comes to this type thing, I want instant improvement! I love Obagi products, on the expensive side but oh so worth it. I also like several items from the home sales beauty line of Beauty Control. Some of their products work so well and very affordable. But, what about those body conture creams? Not sure if I can use enough of that stuff to see if it works, but oh how great if it did.

I am trying out a new product, the Galvanic Spa? Ever heard of it? I think it is working, or am I trying to convince myself. People do say I look younger than I am. Could all these products be helping?

I heard a speaker say once that women purchase so many items and even though they have a money back guarantee, that 98% of the time they never take the items back that don't work. Well, not this girl. I was in the cosmetic department in Bloomingdale's and I asked one of the very young and very pretty sales girl if they had anything that reduced under eyes bags. She of course said "yes, we do." After she showed me the product I asked if they had a money back policy. She hesitated and then said, yes, but no one has ever brought this back. Well, I purchased the product. But, guess what? It made no impact on my eyes. The next month when I was near this store, I took the product back. It cost over $50 - not the kind of change I just throw away. The sales girl was rather surprised I was bringing it back and asked, well have you tried ...... NO thanks.

I remember several years ago when I was purchasing all my makeup products from a well known line at a major department store when the sales girl suggested some additional products and one was a cream that reduced cellulite! I thought, does this girl think I am an idiot? How can some cream reduce something so easily when it took a lot to get it there in the first place. But back then these type products were all new to me. She went on to say she could not keep the product in stock that her customers loved the stuff. Well, I thought, I don' need that, let them drink the koolaid, how silly.

But you know, now that I am 50'ish and noticing the lines and have to work even harder to stay my current size etc, those lotions and creams can be very inviting. Just if, if only they worked, wouldn't it be great. Use the "body contouring" creams and have a butt that looks like a 20 something year old. Oh how I would smear that stuff on if it worked! And purchase - what's this nonsense about a 3 or 5 ounce tube, give it to me in the gallon size if it works!

I now understand why they say we baby boomers are a powerful buying market. I guess so, we are looking for that item that is a fountain of youth. Now that I am 54 and working to look my best for my age, I see how we are a strong buying power. We now have money to spend on ourselves - but I want something that works. I have tried so many things. Hey I have even tried the Preparation H for my under eye bags, they say the beauty queens use it! (And for the record, it did not work)

What have you found that works?
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