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Ice Wings

Posted Mar 18 2009 3:16pm

Ice wings 5 poste edited out  

Boy, isn' t Lake Michigan grand during any season?  She serves up glorious images, smells, vistas, and inspiration on a regular basis.  It' s as if she is saying, "Here is something awesome, now what are you going to do with it?"  I came across this fantastic pair of ice wings while walking on the shore of the big lake recently. The beach, in its continuous heaving to and fro, trying to pull on its spring wardrobe, created this majestic image.  It gave itself a tiny (in comparison to its surroundings) set of ice wings to fly it into its next iteration, Spring!  So I began to wonder about my wings.  Have I unfolded my new set of wings? If I have, are they melting like the ice wings on the shore or are they sturdy enough to whisk me into what' s next?  Is the tapestry of all the wings I' ve had during my lifetime woven into my wings of today?  Where do I want them to take me?  Do they come with a GPS system?  Are they speckled with jewels? Are they battered from wear and tear?  Can anyone else see them?  Wouldn' t it be incredible to soar over the big lake, float with the wind, dive into the water, bask in the setting sun? 

We all have wings.  Where are yours?  What do they look like? Where do you want them to take you?

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