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I want to become pregnant

Posted by maria alshabaan

I ammarried totwo years, i   did not   pregnant   so farhasexaminedand discovered thatI sufferfroma blockage inone ofthe ovarieswhatis the solutionI want to becomepregnant.
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i make process of artificial insemination before 2 month but not Success
thank you tooooo  much
The good news is that only one Fallopian tube is blocked since all you need to get pregnant is one egg & one sperm.  Be sure that you're menstruating regularly which means that you're ovulating.  And that all your other hormones are normal.  Don't forget to eat right & exercise as well as get plenty of sleep.  You'll need to ask your gynecologist if there's any way to unblock the tube.  You also need to get your husband's sperm checked out.  He might not have enough sperm, although again you only need one.  If his count is low, you might consider some form of artificial reproduction, eg harvest an egg from you and mix it w/your husband's sperm in a petri dish and then implant in your uterus.  You'll need to see a reproductive endocrinologist or gynecologist who specializes in this.  Good luck!
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