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I think I may have progesterone deficiency, but I am only 18. Is this possible?

Posted by cariad

I started my periods early, at 12. They were normal, if not a bit heavy and lasted a bit long. When I reached about 14 they changed (which was odd because they had regulated in the two years I had been having them). I would not get a period for about 4 months, then when one would arrive, it would last for 4 weeks - almost making up for lost time. They became extremely heavy, and I experienced great discomfort, pain, and even clotting. I went to the doctor and they put me on the Birth Control Pill to regulate my cycle, as it was causing me great stress and upset never knowing when, or how long my period would be. However, the pill I was on (Mycrogynon) gave me really bad mood swings, so at around 16 and a half they changed me to Yasmin. Since being on this pill, I still experience heavy, period, with painful cramps and clotting. The only thing it does is regulate my cycle. However, I find myself experiencing really painful headaches (around the temple area - and it's not do to with my eyesight because I had an eye test last week), I'm extremely tired, tempremental and moody (can go from normal to crying my eyes out in minutes), I have cold hands and feet, and I seem to recently have put on weight that is not easy to shift.  (I know my body is changing as a teenager, but it all seems to have hit me at once, and it is worrying me). Also, considering I am a teenager and my 'hormones should be running riot', I have experienced hardly any/extremely low sexual desire, and a lack of libido seems to be another symptom of lack of progesterone? I researched around just to check if everything was normal, and my symptoms seem to indicate progesterone deficiency. However, this seems to only really occur during/leading the menopause, or so that's the impression I get from reading around the issue? I am only in my teens, so could this be the case? Or is there another issue that is causing me problems? I will go to my doctor for tests, but I'd like to have some idea if my concerns are justified, or if progesterone deficiency is not possible for someone my age. Any adult advice would be greatly appreciated.
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