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I think I'm having my period, but the blood isn't coming out properly. Is there something wrong with me?

Posted by icyviper

I have a strange problem.  Sometimes I get my period and the blood comes out, but it doesn't seem to all come out on the pad.  What I mean is very little comes out on the pad.  Sometimes it looks like only a few dots is coming out.  At first I think I'm not bleeding at all, and perhaps it's a false alarm, but then after I go to the bathroom and wipe, a large amount of blood comes off on the tissue.  Sometimes I think all the blood just stays in my vagina and it holds it there...  Is this normal?  Could this be because I have had sex in the past and am currently having sex so my vaginal flaps (I don't know the medical term for this) have gotten bigger/expanded and are holding in the blood, sort of like a cradle, preventing it from coming out on the pad?  Or is there a bigger, health related problem that I should be looking into?  This doesn't happen every period I get, just every now and then.
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I'm going thru this right now.  It started last month.
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