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I need an alternate , non-surgical, method to remove a large hematoma on my side.

Posted by tybeegurl_3

I had gall bladder removal surgery two years ago. This hematoma was a result of that surgery. It was misdiagnosed as acostal muscle because it was so painful when it first started growing. I went ot the surgeon who removed my gall bladder and after finding out the lump was "only a hematoma" I was advised by the doctor that she would not remove the hematoma, and that it should go away by itself. Well, it has not gone away and still gets pretty painful at times. I don't know what else to do. I have asked other doctors, my G.P. and the Gastroentomaolgist that removes a missed gall stone earlier this year, about how I should go about resolving this. Thank you for any help or advise.
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