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I'm sick

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:17pm
I hate getting sick. I have a head/chest cold. It started on Friday with just a tickle in my throat, and has gotten progressively worse.

Today - nasal congestion, throat so sore that I gag, ears hurting, head full of pressure, shortness of breath, you name it. Ugh. I took some pseudoephedrine (the only thing that works for my congestion), and now my head feels all floating, and my heart is racing a bit. Normal side effects for me. Which is worse? The sickness feelings, or the side effect from the cold meds?

I need to get more of the decongestants, and the pharmacies are all closed today, with it being Sunday. The only way you can buy pseudoephedrine anymore is with photo ID and at a pharmacy. Thank you meth heads and your meth labs. You've ruined it for the every day Joe to buy decongestants that actually WORK. The kind you can buy over the counter now, with the different main ingredient, well, it just doesn't work on congestion. You might as well spend your money elsewhere.

Like on Vick's imbedded tissues......oh baby...heaven for your nose!

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